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Explore the road less travelled – an all encompassing, easy route to health and vitality.
Let The Resourceful Mother be your guide. She's practical. She's uncomplicated. She has been providing natural, easy to understand and implement, time-proven nutritional information to parents for over a decade. She helps to prevent and manage health challenges of any kind. Meredith tells you exactly what you need to know in order to raise the healthiest child possible. And now, she is trained in improving a child's emotional health as well!
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"The population as a whole could experience a tremendous increase in well-being and productivity if food and chemical susceptibility were routinely considered in each case of chronic disease."
- Dr. Theron G. Randolph, M.D.
"Since the first day dawned, it has been the prerogative of parents to investigate necessary change to ensure their children's welfare. It has been almost entirely due to this that the human race has continued to advance."
- Belinda Barnes & Suzanne Gail Bradley, Planning for a Healthy Baby